Video Cue Cards for business video conferencing and virtual meetings

Virtual video meetings are a fantastic way for us to connect with our colleagues and are even more vital in the current climate to keep relationships good and morale high. Being able to see someone’s face and the visual reactions they give during discussion can really help us guide the conversation the right way.

If you have regular video calls with your colleagues then one issue you’ve probably encountered is more than one person talking at once. Talking over each other can be really frustrating for everyone on the call and causes confusion and lack of focus from the topic at hand. Some people will talk louder and some people will just shut off and stop talking all together as they don’t want to battle to be heard.

The beauty of video is that we don’t need to talk to be heard.

This is where Video Cue Cards can really help. Sometimes a simple message is all you want to give to the group but you don’t want to interrupt the current speaker. You may want to advise of technical problems, maybe give direction to slow down or speed up, you could pass on praise and thanks or suggest moving on as you’ve spent too much time on the current topic. You can do all of those things and more by showing a simple visual image to your camera for the group to see without interrupting the speaker.

The other advantage is that by showing a visual message it really encourages all of the team to get involved, even the quiet members as they can input with a simple visual cue and not worry about interrupting the speaker.

Some of the benefits to using Video Cue Cards are:

  • Keeps the focus on sticking to the agenda for the meeting
  • Allows everyone on the call to have a voice
  • Encourages praise and appreciation
  • Visual feedback to the group to improve the meeting
  • Improves team collaboration

Video Cue Cards are not supposed to be an alternative to talking to each other but as a support and collaboration tool to help video conference meetings run a bit more smoothly.

Why not download the mobile app or the free printable versions and see if they can help you and your colleagues on your next virtual video conference.


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