What are video conference cards?

Video calls can be frustrating with people often talking over each other. Sometimes a simple visual message is all that is needed. That’s where video conference cards can help. Also known as virtual meeting cards or video cue cards, they are a way of giving visual messages during online video meetings. Just pick a message and show to your computer camera for everyone to see.

Benefits to using video conference cards

  • Encourages friendly, fun communication
  • Improves team collaboration
  • Enables everyone to easily input into the meeting
  • Give simple messages without interrupting the speak
  • Helps to keep video calls focused and on track

Using video conference cards for work

  • Technical problems: let the group know it’s a bad connection, it’s breaking up, you can’t hear someone, there’s a lot of background noise or ask everyone to mute themselves.
  • Show appreciation: let someone know that they’re doing a good job, give them a thumbs up, send applause, tell them their awesome or say thank you.
  • Keep meetings on track: ask the speaker to speed up, slow down, suggest taking the conversation offline or if you’ve spent too much time on a certain point you might want to use the popular ELMO card, Enough Let’s Move On.
  • Need to go or step out: let the group know that you’ll be right back, got to go or say bye.

Using video conference cards with family and friends

  • Online quizzes are very popular but hosting or participating can be difficult with everyone talking over each other. Video Cue Cards has created a deck of cards to help facilitate virtual quizzes. Asking to repeat a question, play the song again, don’t know, you’ve got it, or you need a drink break.
  • Getting together with friends and family and you’ve got some exciting news or you want to congratulate someone then you can make it that bit more special with the fun, friendly and bright celebration deck of cards.

In summary, video conference cards are not meant to take the place of talking but they are there to help keep communication clear in a fun, friendly way, whilst trying to keep focus and minimise unnecessary interruptions.

If you’d like to see if using video conference cards could help your next online video meeting, then you can either download the mobile app or the free printable versions.


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