Friendly, fun and simple visual messages for video conference calls

These video conference cards are great for communicating with friendly, fun, visual messages and reactions when using video calls and online meetings. They work really well in encouraging everyone on the call to get involved and have a voice without the worry of interrupting the speaker or the flow of the call. All you do is simple pick a card and show it to the camera on your computer.

You can either download the free app or print the cards onto A4 paper. Next time you are in a video meeting, you can hold the cards to the camera when you need to say something without having to interrupt or talk over the speaker.

Download the app

The Video Cue Cards app is available to download for FREE on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The video conference card decks

There are currently 4 card decks of video conference cards to use with more added regularly.

Meet Up

If you facilitate or attend business video conference meetings then the Meet Up deck of cards can really help your team collaborate more and ensure everyone feels comfortable to get involved and has a voice. Give visual messages to the group with ; be right back or got to go; give the speaker some feedback with slow down, can’t hear you or thumbs. 18 cards to help you next video conference run more smoothly in a fun and friendly way.

Video Conference Cards - Video Cue Cards Meet Up Card Deck

ELMO -Enough Let’s Move On

The card that we all need in meetings when a topic is taking up to much time. A friendly, Enough, Let’s Move On. 4 different coloured ELMO cards to help your next video conference keep on track in a friendly way.

Video Conference Cards - Video Cue Cards ELMO Card Deck
Video Conference Cards - Video Cue Cards ELMO Card Deck - All Cards

Quiz Time

Whether hosting a quiz or taking part the Quiz deck of cards can really running a video quiz with family and friends. We often need to go on mute so we can hear the host so the quiz decks gives you many visual messages that help the quiz run smoothly without talking over the host.

Video Conference Cards - Video Cue Cards Quiz Card Deck
Video Conference Cards - Video Cue Cards Quiz Card Deck - All Cards


If you have some exciting news or want to congratulate someone on the video call then the Celebrate deck of cards can make it that bit more special.

Video Conference Cards - Video Cue Cards Celebrate Card Deck

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